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Language Courses

English, French & Wolof classes available

Learning a new language can be exciting and a little scary. At IntellaTutor, we make sure that our lessons are convenient and easy to learn, and that's exactly what you can do with our interactive program! Since all of our language teachers are native or near-native speakers of all the languages they teach, you'll have the advantage of speaking directly to a native speaker. 

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IntellaTutor has designed unique programs for students with very different learning abilities! We use a teaching technique that involves both the left and right sides of the brain. We call this whole-brain learning.


During the first class, the teacher will conduct an assessment while teaching the student, which will accurately determine where the student is academically. From there, we will create a customized program for the student. Whether it's catching up with a student who has fallen behind or pushing them to new academic heights. 


We are on a journey together! We value education and understand its importance in this day and age! We are dedicated to education!

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4 Classes a Month

Proven Results in 6-10 Months 

10-15 Students

1 Class/Week

Group Course

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3 Students

8 Classes a Month

Proven Results in 3-6 Months 

2 Class/Week

Group Course

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Private Course

1 Student

8 Classes a Month

Proven Results in 3 Months 

2-3 Class/Week

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